How to Start Own Brand in Malaysia

Start your own cosmetics line. If you want to start your own cosmetics brand in Malaysia, you have to consider few steps before you take any further step in terms of spending money.

Don’t Spend Money Buying Products without Knowledge

If you search the internet, you may find few companies offering the different price to launch your own product in the market. You must be very careful and patient at this stage. Because, this stage is related to “giving money” to others, not that you are going to ‘get money’ at this stage. So, giving money or spending money is very easy but to recover it back with profit is always a big deal.

The Good Deal

So be very careful at this stage. In our point of view, buying product under your own brand is NOT a big deal. The big deal is, how to sell the product and get the invested money back with profit! So this is where LaNor Cosmetics comes very effectively into the picture.

How to Sell the Product is the more BIGGER issue than Starting Your Own Brand! 

LaNor Cosmetics has developed FREE TRAINING sessions. These sessions help the new entrepreneurs to learn all about the new cosmetics business. Here you will learn ‘How to start your own brand’ in Malaysia very easily in the most economic way.

How to Sell Your Product in Malaysian market

How to use facebook, Instagram, twitter to sell your product

How to get Cosmetics ready products under your own brand name

How to Get Cosmetics License

How to Register the Cosmetics Product in Malaysia

How to Advertise the Product more economically

The all above “Hows”, you could learn FREE in LaNor Free Training Sessions”.

4 thoughts on “How to Start Own Brand in Malaysia”


I’d love to start my own cosmetic line & brand. Keen on knowing how can i actually start the business. I wish that Perhaps we can schedule an appointment to further discuss in regards to the matter.


    Amirfirdaus》we’ll be more than happy to assist you to launch your own cosmetics brand. You may set an appointment by calling our office during normal business hours.

shaikh tanveer

Want to start a career in Cosmetic business.I am from Pakistan.


    tanveer>> We can assist you to start your own business in cosmetics line. You can start with little budget and may have your own cosmetics brand. We also assist to get the product registered with relevant authorities. You may visit our office for further details.

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