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cosmetics business malaysiaStart Cosmetics Business in Malaysia and Apply Work Permit (for Foreigners)

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Exclusive Cosmetics Brand

Be exclusive. Get exclusive Cosmetic Products under own Brand name. Your dressing table with your brand products, only for ‘exclusive’ lovers. A true ‘royal experience’.

La Nor Cosmetics are the manufacturer of exclusive cosmetic products, focusing on a specific customer range specially the “Exclusive Lovers”!. We manufacture exclusive cosmetics product range based on customer’s specific need. We have tailor made ‘exclusive manufacturing’ services based on individual customer need.

Product Range

We have almost every type of cosmetics range depending on our customer’s need.

The best gift for your loved one, “Your own brand name!”.

Product Registration

We cater all registration process. All products are manufactured under European standards and are tested in renowned labs before use and come with complete formula, fully registered and notified by “National Pharmaceutical Agency, Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Start your own Cosmetics Business under your own brand

If you want to start your own cosmetics business and want to start your own cosmetics line, La Nor Cosmetics is the right place for you.

Marketing Concept & Ideas to Sale your Brand Quickly

We are specialized in marketing a finished product.You don’t need to worry how to start selling. We’ll guide you how to start selling Cosmetics in the market. We have experts of marketing having good hands on selling Cosmetics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and various other internet tools to market your new brand confidently.

Product Formulation & Development

If you wish to start your own cosmetics brand in Malaysia, La Nor Cosmetics is right place for you. We do all the ground work for our clients so that they don’t have to do the hard work. We’ll arrange all raw material required to manufacture your desired Cosmetics. We provide assistance for all Natural and Herbal products as well as all other cosmetics.

Packing Material Sourcing

You don’t need to worry about eye catching packaging of your new brand. We here at La Nor Cosmetics, can arrange packaging within your budget which can save your lot of time and money. We are expert in packaging advise for new entrepreneur. We make it easier for our clients as they do not have to do the packaging sourcing.

Labeling & Package Designing

We take our customer service to the next level by doing all the labeling packaging design in-house, in-line with quality modern design standards to ensure your success in the market.

Product Registration

For each new product that we develop for our clients, we go the extra mile and take over the product registration process for them as part of our comprehensive range of services that set us apart from the others. We assist new entrepreneurs to get their products registered with concerned authorities.

Click on: Guide to Start Your own Brand in Malaysia

Buy the startup Package, Your own Brand in RM3900 only