Start Cosmetics Business in Malaysia and Apply Work Permit

Start Cosmetics Business in Malaysia and Apply Work Permit

If you are a foreigner and want to start business in Malaysia, La Nor Cosmetics is right place for you to start Cosmetics Business in Malaysia which may enable you to apply Work Permit as well.

La Nor Cosmetics offers stand alone RM 19800 Investor Package for Foreigners.

This package includes:

  1. Sdn Bhd Company Registration in Malaysia under your own name (100% your ownership)
  2. Manufacturing of your Cosmetics (basic quality skincare product of 1 KG)
  3. Your Own Brand Name Packaging
  4. Cosmetics Product Registration Notification, NPRA, Ministry of Health, Malaysia

How to Apply Work Permit:

If you are a foreigner and want to apply work permit under a cosmetics company, there is no need to hire any agent. To successfully get work permit and to settle in Malaysia with your family (spouse, under 18 children and parents), La Nor Cosmetics will assist you:

  1. to register your company in Malaysia with required paid up capital through a leading licensed Malaysian Company Secretary of Companies Commission of Malaysia.
  2. to provide you with a contract of Cosmetics Product Manufacturing Licence under your company name
  3. to provide you with a notification of NPRA (National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency), Ministry of Health, Malaysia regarding your Cosmetics Product Registration with Ministry of Health, Malaysia
  4. Free Assistance to register online with ESD Immigration Department of Malaysia website to apply work permit online, FREE OF CHARGE

How much this Package Costs?

 RM19800 Only

What you have to do:

To apply work permit under above package, you just have to give us:

  1. Passport copies of proposed company Directors
  2. Office Address in Malaysia with it’s tenancy agreement, fixed phone line number and signboard permission
  3. Payment

Payment Terms:

La Nor Cosmetics offers very flexible and easy-to-pay terms for valued foreigner investors/clients.

You need to pay:

  1. RM800 Upon your registration with us (1 day)
  2. RM 2000 at the time of starting the process (giving us passport copies and 3 names choice of your proposed company in Malaysia). (2days process time)
  3. RM5000 Once your proposed company name has been approved by Companies Commission of Malaysia (1 day process)
  4. RM5000 Once you sign the necessary Forms of Companies Commission of Malaysia (2 days Process time)
  5. RM3000 At the point of choosing the product for your first Cosmetics Brand (1 week process)
  6. RM2000 At the point of providing us your product labeling artwork (1 week process time)
  7. RM1000 At the point of Product Delivery under your own brand name registered with NPRA, Ministry of Health, Malaysia (4 weeks process time)
  8. RM1000 At the point of submitting your company details to Immigration Department via ESD Immigration Department website for applying work permit ONLINE (3 weeks process time)

Process Time:

The whole above process may be completed in just 4 to 8 weeks (our standard client charter time)

Start the Process Now by Registering with us in just RM800 only